Thursday, March 1, 2012

NOTDs: Dior Spring 2012

504 Waterlily

694 Forget-Me-Not

Whoa, note to self - pictures taken with the iPhone are really, really clear.  Forgive the mangled hands, I'm an obsessive hand washer and am clumsy enough to constantly be injuring my hands.  Hand model I am not.  But I thought I would share my general thoughts from the Dior Spring 2012 Garden Party nail collection.  

I initially purchased Forget-Me-Not because my favorite color is purple (or some variation thereof) but I wasn't as impressed with the color on the nail as it was in the bottle.  The color is much deeper and darker than I was anticipating and I don't really feel like "spring" when I wear this.

So I went on the hunt for Waterlily.  And oh what a hunt it was.  This is THE shade for spring and is sold out almost everywhere.  I ended up finding it at a Lord and Taylor in another state.  I initially thought this was too similar to many of the other colors I had, but surprisingly it's not.  It pulls more green and I actually like it.  This color definitely has me looking forward to spring.

These are only the 3rd and 4th Dior nail polishes that I own.  I like the longevity of the formula.  However, the brush is unique and takes some getting used to.  I would say it actually makes the application much easier than OPI or Chanel brushes.  The only downside is you have to take care to apply thin layers.  The formula is quite thick and has the tendency to get goopy by the second coat.

Some other standouts I've seen are the Chanel June (gorgeous apricot color) and Laura Mercier's Cabana (a coral with a gel consistency that has stayed the longest time on my nails without chipping).  What nail polishes have been you been eying lately?

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