Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March Beauty Favorites

Are there some products that you just LOVE... that your heart sings a beat each time you use them... that you would literally have a panic attack if you ran out and couldn't repurchase?

Yes, my March favorites consist of these holy grails.  Let's begin.

Naked2 palette - I LOVE this (I think I'm going to be saying that a lot this post),  I love this more than the original Naked palette.  I lean more toward taupes rather than bronzey eyeshadows and the cool tones in this palette draw me in every morning.  My favorite eyelook of the moment consists of TDK (lid color), Bootycall (inner highlight), Busted (crease) and Pistol (lower lid). 

Clinique Lower lash mascara - This was made for your lower lashes.  I don't even wear mascara on my lower lashes but this stuff has made me into a convert.  The perfectly shaped small brush gets down there with no smudging and keeps every stray hair in place (my eyelashes are pretty unruly and grow in every direction).  Good stuff.

Lash card - I got this on and I couldn't help myself.  I know, it's a piece of paper with a semi circle cut into it and you could probably make one yourself in 20 seconds.  However, I like that each one comes in a plastic wrap and although they are recommended for one use each, I will probably reuse it 5 or 6 times before breaking open a new one.  This allows you to flip your lashes upward and coat every single strand.  Love it!  I've also been using it in conjunction with the blinc heated lash curler (also from and it's been working well.

***Side note:  I have mixed feelings about using a heated lash curler.  First, you are putting something really hot near your eye and for someone who managed to burn herself on the arm with a curling iron the other day, this is not good.  Second, I want my curl to last all day and I'm not sure if this does that.  I recently had a very traumatic experience that lead me to purchase this.  I was using an eyelash curler when my arm pivoted and I proceeded to yank all the inner half of my top lashes out.  Ouch, big time.  So I'm giving this whirl and will hopefully update you.  The techinique is a little hard to master.  It requires you to place the heated part under your lashes and then push them upward toward your lid.  But me having the monolids of an asian woman, my lids then to push my lashes right back down.  Ugh.

Anatasia Brunette Dark Brown Brow Powder duo - Speaking of traumatic events, I have another I'd like to share with you.  I am a big fan of threading.  I've done it several times and have no problem lying down in a chair in the middle of the mall while someone plucks your eyebrows with a piece of string.  The trick is, make sure you go to someone you trust.  I had gone the week before and the lady gave me great results.  Nice and thick eyebrows.  I went back and although it was a different girl, I assumed they all were trained and knew what they were doing.  I told her that I like them thick and all I wanted was to have them cleaned up at the edges.  She nodded and then proceeded to thread off half my eyebrows.  Literally, I couldn't believe what happened and left in utter shock.   Normally, I just use a MAC eyeshadow to fill in my brows but that wasn't going to cut it now.  I bought this powder duo because it was going to be an art to redraw my eyebrows while they grew back in and this does a great job of it and lasts all day.  I've been pairing this with Anatasia's Brow Fix Clear Wax Pencil and also using the Anatasia Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced (not sure if this is making a difference).

Bobbi Brown blush in Peony and bronzer in Medium 2 - I love the combination of these two products.  They are holy grail status for me.  I get so many compliments with Peony (using a MAC 168 brush) and the bronzer is so natural.  The Bobbi Brown bronzer brush make application effortless and I love how this is a matte product with absolutely no shimmer.  The color isn't too red, orange, or muddy.  I can't say enough good things.

Sorry for the lateness of this post but hopefully you'll try some of this stuff out.  If you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  What has been some of your favorites lately?

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