Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Skincare: PMD first impression and SPF reviews

I know, I know.  There are a million and one reviews on YouTube for the Personal Microderm Device.  Everyone and their mother has been sent one.  But I purchased this myself.  Why?  Because everyone had positive reviews.  

My skin is very prone to hyperpigmentation.  As soon as I get any pimple/acne, it will leave a brown mark that will stay for months.  I recently had a couple appear around my mouth and chin (probably due to experimenting with foundations) and didn't know how to deal with the marks that were left.

I have to admit , I was very scared to use this product.  They say it can lead to scabbing if used incorrectly.  I watched the intro cd and millions of demos on YT and finally got the courage to use it on my face.  

What are my first impressions?  This thing is AMAZING.  I loved how it made my skin feel and it's supposed to help your skincare absorb better into your skin.  The next morning, my face felt so soft and there was no scabbing.  The trick to this is to go very quickly.  Never hover or go over an area more than once.  The treatment is to be done once a week of 12 weeks and then once a month after that for maintenance.  I can't wait to continue using this and will definitely update you once my 12 weeks is up.

Also, if you're wondering what is on my nails, I got acrylic done on all my nails with a french gel manicure over it.  Sounds heavy duty but trust me, I can take anything off my nails and I'm just trying to control my nail picking habit.

Lastly, after you use the PMD, it is recommended that you use sunscreen on treated areas for 3 days after.  Now, you're supposed to wear sunscreen everyday but I have to be honest.  I don't.  Trust me, I want to.  I notice the spots that are appearing on the left side of my face because that's the side that gets the sun while I drive.  But sunscreens break me out.  Or at least, the active ingredient in sunscreens break me out.

MAC Fact Protect in spf 50 - by far the best sunscreen I've used to date.  I like that it does double duty as a primer.  But after a couple of days, even this will result in tiny little bumps on my face.

La Mer spf 30 - had really great reviews.  It is a very liquidy fluid but I think this actually broke me out.  I'm not giving up on this and will continue to use it until my suspicions are confirmed.

Kiehl's Super Fluid spf 50 - I got this because I have been having great luck with Kiehl's products lately.  I use their Acne blemish control Daily Skin Treatment and the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and both have been working beautifully.  They are serious raves and almost at holy grail status for me.  So I decided to give the sunscreen a go.

I can't say for sure, but I think the active ingredient that breaks me out is Titanium Dioxide.  Which is sad because virtually everything with sunscreen had TD in it.  These three products don't and I have high hopes that one of them will make me into a diligent sunscreen wearer.

Are there any facial sunscreens that you would recommend?

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